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Two Houses / Site Memory



Title: Two Houses,
Dimensions: Model with partial roof (h x w x l) 22”x19”x19”,
Model with complete roof and garage (hxw x l) 19”x 30” x 38.5”,
Materials: Re used Plywood and concrete texture, nails, screws, text.
The models created are made from multiple sheets of plywood. These sheets were previously used to mould concrete stairs for the house I am currently residing in. This gave the wood a layer of concrete fragments and a more worn tonal presentation. The significance of these two materials in the structure of houses is fundamental and no other material would have felt as understanding.

This artwork was a culmination of thought that occurred in response to the text The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard and to the experiences I've had recently from moving around a lot. The discussions by Bachelard of the representation of the house in our dreams and that it is very different to the house in actuality, challenged my ability to remember some of the spaces I had left.

The proposal and challenge of this work was to ultimately make two models of my past and present places of residency. The subject of the house in response to site and the idea of possession of property started to feed in to the process.  The host house I am staying in, the family was meant to move during my stay and it triggered me into thinking about the stripping down of the spaces during this process and the internal attachment we have to the places we have lived and inhabited. For the models, I tried to recall the placement of the features of the house's exterior that I am not living in at the minute and challenge that with the proportions of the host house in Canada. The scale is the same of 1ft to 12ft but the dimensions are from a guesstimate for the house in Scotland and it becomes apparent that it looks slightly off.

The houses were faced according to their actuality in their situation. The house in Canada is south facing and the house in Scotland is pointed west.

This work began as the idea to build model houses to some form of scale, one remembered and one actual.

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