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Honest / Time Response



Title: Honesty,
Media: Plywood, Varnish, Projection (installation)
Large Box- 6ft x 23.5” x 15”
Slightly smaller box: 5’11”x 21.5”x 12”

The work was presented as two tall boxes with one open side facing each other, on the closed side a projection plays on each box with one side of a conversation.

In response to a past conversation I had with my last grandparent I wanted to recreate the dialogue and confrontation felt around some of the topics. It was an honest and open discussion and was one of the only times I’ve thought that I wanted to be able to recall every last detail. It was an incredibly prominent conversation and will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. My grandad explained his wishes for the future for what he would like to happen to his body after he dies and we both reflected on past loved ones we had lost. While it was personal, the details left felt important not just to myself but in the witnesses of the installation and their ability to interpret and connect to the bodiliness and our temporality through the human sized boxes and confronting conversation.

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