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Title; Attachment,
Media: stop-motion animation, Duration: 1 minute 36 seconds,
About: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about identity and property. The use of a name or a place to claim as one's own has given me a lot of thought regarding my own place, origin and meaning. I have had a different relationship to the idea of home this semester while being abroad for a couple of months and during this time I have created an attachment to the place that I recognise as a residence away from home. This place that is not mine nor ever will be has become an idea of longing for past spaces and places of residence.
Through these experiences, identity discovery has come across in the impressions of personal language and imprints. The significance of text, typed and handwritten, its relationship to the individual of and text assigned to us, like our name, has caused me to think about things like my heritage and privilege.

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